IRENA (이레나) Director

Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

• Classic pilates institute by Brett Howard
•Classic pilates institute anatomy by Brett Howard
•Gyrotonic Level.1 Certificate
•Using scaffolding in the Pilates Mat By Brett Howard
• Rehab Training Specialist Level 1(운동처방사)
•Recovering Certificate
•Advanced workshop for postpartum rehab 
• Classic pilates workshop by Jerome(Cadillac pro /Men's worknut /Injury Therapeutics/Session Ending)
• Classic pilates workshop Sabina(Scoliosis/Pregnancy /Post natal/Lower Back)
• Classic pilates workshop Linzi Arellano (Osteoporosis/Pregnancy/Back/Shoulder/Knee)


• Virtual Workshops
By Sabina Formichella
"Pregnancy Pilates mat workshop”

• Virtual Workshops  By Brett Howard
"Constructing a Bridge to Progress a Client from Basic to Intermediate in Pilates"

• Virtual Workshops 
By Sonje Mayo "Perfecting the Reformer"

• Virtual Workshops
By Miguel Silva "Original Mat Flow & Standing Mat"

• She is inspired by 
globally well-known teachers.

Brett Howard ,Andrea Maida, Sonje Mayo, Miguel silva, SabinaFormichella, Alycea Ungaro, Cary Regan, Kaitie yip...etc

Kellie Kim
Senior Master



Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

•상명대학원 현대무용학 석사

•현대무용단 “탐”수석 무용수
•대구 시립무용단 수석 무용수 트레이너
•국민대, 장안대, 대진대 현대무용 교수역임
•선화예고 현대무용 강사 역임
•인투 필라테스 기구 감사 및 연구실장
•미국 Power Pilates
•Classic Pilates 연구소 원장
•Just Pilates Senior Master

Jin Ju-Park

Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

• classic pilates institute by CPK kellie kim
• Classic pilates institute anatomy by CPK lee sin jae
• 임산부 pilates institute by VANHADA PILATES studio
• contemporary pilates institute by MPA

• complete Lower Extremity anatomy Seminar 20h
• complete Spine anatomy Seminar 20h
• complete Basic course anatomy Seminar 48h
• 자세 평가 및 솔루션 8h by bodymeca
• 슈로스 척추측만증 필라테스 솔루션 8h by bodymeca

Li seul - Min

Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

•Peak Pilates ppc level 1 
•Peak Pilates ppc level 2
•Classic Pilates  Korea Advanced (Module 2)
•52nd Scoliosis & Schroth Open Seminar 
-이상길 (Schroth master)
•10nd 역학적 관점에서 본 골반 부정렬의 현장 접근법 
-정문균 ( 케이슈로스 & 포랩 실장)
•2nd Schroth Best Practice Basic course 
-이상길 (Schroth master)
•임산부 스페셜 컨퍼런스
•60 차 슈로스 & 임산부 오픈세미나
-이상길 (Schroth master)
•리커버링 근막 스트레칭
-제니퍼 (케어링 재활교정 마스터)
•has completed the pilates with Elastiband level 1 program
-Hugo G. Codaro (Peak pilates master)
•Mat variation with Props Teaching a tower class
-Cherry Herzog, Zoey Trap (Peak pilates master)
•Gyrotonic Pre-training, Foundation couse
•2021 Virtual Workshops by Andrea Maida
Guillotine movement / 3Chair, 3Barrel exercise / Group Lesson techniques

Yung jung-Oh

Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

• Medi Pilates Aliance International Instructor for Mat & Props & Ball 

• Medi Pilates Aliance International Instructor for Level 1 & Level 2 REFORMER, CADILLAC, CHAIR, BARREL 

• Therapist's license for Health Institute of Technology (작업치료사)

Jung min-Kim

Classic Pilates  Institute Instructor

• MOMIYA Pilates Certificate
• Sports Nutrition Coach Korea Level1
[스포츠 영양 코치]
• Pregnant teacher training Certificate
• Body analysis & exercise Level1 (체형분석) Workshop

• Reset Rehabilitation Pilates Expert Course 17th AFIC Pilates (How to rehab exercise) Workshop